About Us


What We Believe

In 1999 the Washburn Community Education Foundation was established to increase the Washburn area's potential as an inspirational place to work, play, learn, and teach. The foundation provides financial support for creative and innovative educational opportunities for all age groups within or outside the jurisdiction of the Washburn school system.

In that time, we've granted $140,000 to the children and community of Washburn. The funds that are available each year are the profits of the investments we manage. We also have funds with the Chequamegon Bay Area Community Fund. We have been very forunate to receive several gifts of money and property from local resident who wish to enrich the educational experiences in our community. If you are interested to contributing to our fund, please click the donate


Our Mission

 Providing financial support to increase community passion for learning.

  • Enhancing Opportunities 
  • Exploring Community 
  • Promoting Diversity 
  • Teaching Creatively 
  • Learning Innovatively 
  • Thinking Critically


Board of Directors

Marne Belanger, Co-President

Susan Blong, Co-President

John Anderson, Vice President
Mike Jackson, Treasurer
Dr. Thomas Wiatr
Linda Coleman
Norma Lien

Travis Tulowitzky

Mihailo Lalich

Irene Blakely

Patti Fenner-Leino