Discretionary Grant


Applications accepted September 1 through May 15

WCEF’s intends this grant to provide support for projects that unpredictably emerge during the year and were not conceivable at the time of our Annual Grant deadline.
Description: Unlike WCEF’s annual grant with one deadline, the Discretionary Grant is offered on a perpetual basis, beginning in September and ending on May 15, to help fund unforeseen projects or needs as they arise throughout the year. Discretionary Grants will tend to be smaller in scope and more immediate in nature. If this is a project within the school, this project should have been already denied funding by the district before WCEF will consider it. 
Grants: Up to $250           
Applications: Electronic submissions by the 30th of the month           
Notification Time: Within 30 days of submission            
Payment: Upon completion of the Grant Report 

WCEF Grant Procedures & Guidelines

  • Grants must target students and residents of the Washburn School District
  • Projects normally funded or have funding from the Washburn School District may not be considered for this grant.
  • Applications must be 300 words or less.
  • Applicant will receive an email response within two days if application has been successfully received.
  • Take at least one quality, descriptive photo of your project to be included with your Final Grant Report.
  • Upon completion of the project, complete and electronically submit the Final Grant Report.
  • Include a photo from the project with the Final Grant Report. It can be emailed to wcef@washburncef.org. 
  • Funds will be distributed once the Final Grant Report has been received.
  • Early distribution of some funds may sometimes be arranged at the discretion of the WCEF Board

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Please submit your application using the form below. QUESTIONS? Email wcef@washburncef.org

The Washburn Community Education Foundation solicits proposals for innovative learning experiences that address the goals of the foundation. Foundation goals:

  • Encourage innovative learning opportunities in the school and in the community
  • Foster creativity in teaching and scholarship
  • Help students develop special talents and intellectual gifts
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to pursue professional development in their field of instruction
  • Create diversity in teaching strategies
  • Increase opportunities for learning experiences outside the traditional classroom
  • Involve the community with the educational process

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